Oil massage is a house hold tradition where ever there are babies and new born infants. Winter demands more oil massaging for babies. With the onset of winter, it is our priority to keep our babies/children as warm as possible. Not just warm, moisturizing is also matter to think of.
Traditionally, in India, mustard oil is the chosen oil for massaging. Mustard oil has a lot of medicinal values.

Why Mustard Oil Is Beneficial:-

» Is a good anti bacterial.
» Has anti fungal elements.
» Helps digestive system.
» Good moisturizer.
» Helps blood circulation.
» Above all, warms up the body.
Hence, mustard oil is perfect for both body and head/scalp massage for babies; especially in winter.

Ways to use mustard oil for baby massage:
» It is an old practice to boil mustard oil. Once the boiled oil cools down, it is stored for later use. The boiled and cooled oil is used for massaging baby’s body and head before bath.
» There are suggestions of adding ajwain seeds to the boiled mustard oil and letting it cool.
» Some also practice the method of dipping the raw garlic pods in the mustard oil.
» Some practice also involves just warming up the required amount of mustard oil before using for the massage.
» Another method is, spurting garlic pods in one spoon of mustard oil. And once the pods are spurted, add more mustard oil and just warm up everything.
» Adding basil leaves to the warm mustard oil is also a very common practice to help babies tackle the cold winter.

Mustard Oil Hair Massage On Babies:-
Although now there are many hair oil available for babies but some still prefer good old mustard oil .It’s advisable to use it in winters as it is hot in nature